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March 13, 2023

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is always a pain.

You always need to be ready for things that can go wrong. Chances are if it’s not one thing, it’s another. This can ruin the summer for you and your family because you’re always fixing things, cleaning the pool, and scrubbing the tiles.

Maybe you already know this and want to avoid going through this hassle. Maybe you’re already searching ‘pool repair services near me on Google to have someone restore your pool to its good ol’ glory and ensure it stays that way. If so, we at Blue Oasis can help!

Having your pool regularly cleaned is a necessary step to keeping it healthy and free of bacteria. Not only is it difficult to clean a dirty filter, but it’s also a hassle to do it on a regular basis.

Blue Oasis Pool Service offers weekly pool maintenance, which includes the cleaning of your filter FOR FREE!

Why Do You NEED to Clean Pool Filter Regularly?

When it comes to pool maintenance, cleaning the pool filter regularly is one of the most important things to do. With proper maintenance, a pool stays clean for longer and reaps more benefits. Some of them include:

  • The Pool Stays Clean: With regular cleaning of the filter, the water inside the pool stays clean and free of gunk because it removes unwanted oils, debris, calcium, and dirt. If you neglect filter cleaning, the water can become cloudy or muddy at the surface – definitely not a pleasant sight.
  • The Water Stays Healthy: Your pool is exposed to hundreds of germs and bacteria on a daily basis even if you keep it covered. Standing water has the tendency to get contaminated and that’s where a filter helps. Along with the use of chlorine, the filter ensures the water stays free of contaminants so your family stays safe and healthy while enjoying crystal clear water in scorching Texas summers.
  • Pool Motor Stays Functional: One of the most important functions of a pool filter is to prevent the buildup of mud and algae in the water. If it is not cleaned regularly, this buildup can restrict water flow leading to improper filtration, which can even damage the motor.

Blue Oasis Pool Service Offers Weekly Maintenance Filter Cleaning:

When you neglect your pool, you’re increasing the likelihood of your pool becoming an eyesore and a health hazard for your family. It’s not a pretty sight to see your pool covered with algae and debris. Regular pool filter cleaning can keep it looking beautiful, as well as prevent the build-up of bacteria and other harmful organisms.

We at Blue Oasis can help you keep your pool looking beautiful with weekly maintenance. Plus if you book our service now, we’ll throw in free filter cleaning. So call us now to get started!