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April 24, 2023

Choosing the Right Pool Size and Shape for Your Backyard

The dream of having a private oasis in your backyard becomes a reality when you install a pool. However, one of the most important decisions you'll face is choosing the right size and shape for your pool. At Blue Oasis Pool Services, we're here to guide you through the process and help you make the best choice for your outdoor space.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Available Space: Assess the available area in your backyard. Consider not only the pool's dimensions but also the surrounding space for lounging, landscaping, and other amenities.
  2. Intended Use: Determine how you plan to use the pool. Will it be primarily for relaxation, exercise, or entertaining? The pool's purpose will influence its size and design.
  3. Aesthetics: Choose a pool shape that complements your backyard's aesthetics and your personal style. Options range from geometric shapes to freeform designs.
  4. Budget: Your budget will play a role in determining the size and features of your pool. Factor in construction costs, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance.

Choosing the Right Size:

  1. Small Pools: Perfect for compact spaces or those seeking a more intimate setting. Small pools can still offer relaxation and enjoyment.
  2. Standard Pools: A versatile option suitable for various backyard sizes. Standard pools provide ample space for swimming and socializing.
  3. Large Pools: Ideal for larger yards and families who love to swim and entertain. Large pools offer more room for activities and features.

Choosing the Right Shape:

  1. Rectangle: Clean lines and classic appeal make rectangular pools popular for lap swimming and modern aesthetics.
  2. Kidney: The kidney-shaped pool offers a natural and relaxed look, with a curved design that complements various landscapes.
  3. Freeform: Freeform pools have a more organic shape, resembling natural bodies of water. They're great for creating a tranquil and unique atmosphere.
  4. L-Shaped: Combining the features of both rectangular and kidney pools, the L-shaped design offers versatility for different activities.

At Blue Oasis Pool Services, we understand that selecting the right pool size and shape is a significant decision. Our experts can provide insights and recommendations based on your preferences and space. Contact us today to start the journey toward creating a stunning pool that perfectly fits your backyard oasis.